Why backup your Microsoft 365 data?

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Here are 5 top reasons…

1. Microsoft 365 does not back up your data 

Many people assume that saving their data into their personal OneDrive means it’s backed up. But that’s
not strictly true. Even though it’s in the cloud, Microsoft only replicates your data for retention purposes.
This means it takes the most recent file version and saves a copy. If your files were locked for ransom or
they were infected with malware, the replicated copies may not be retrievable or, at best, it could take
up to 6 hours or more to retrieve just one file. Think about how that would affect your business.

2. The cost of a breach has potential to wreak significant damage to SMBs

Cost is a big factor for small to medium-sized businesses. Many SMBs are less likely to spend on cyber
security because they don’t think they’ll ever be targeted. Since they only hear about large breaches in
the news, they believe hackers only go after corporate money. But 47% of small businesses have already
reported a cyber-attack in 2019, an increase of 14% from 2018 (Hiscox, 2019). If your business were to
suffer from a data breach, those hours of lost productivity and loss of customer confidence due to
reputational damage could fold a small to medium-sized business overnight. The cost of purchasing
a backup solution for your Microsoft 365 data far outweighs the risks of going without.

3. Layered security is the best approach

Your Microsoft 365 email is automatically secured with standard protection; known as Exchange
Online Protection (EOP). But due to advanced exploits, EOP can’t protect you against social
engineering techniques that land in your inbox. Think about how you would protect your business
from intrusion; safety alarms, changing the locks on windows and doors, keeping your valuables
in a safe place and out of reach are all valid ways to secure your safety. So, choosing additional
security tools – such as email security and backup – to protect your Microsoft 365 data is the best
way to keep your business safe

4. Microsoft 365 is vulnerable to attack

The number of compromised Microsoft 365 accounts are growing. More than 1.5 million malicious
emails were delivered by hackers in March 2019 using 4,000 compromised accounts (Barracuda, 2019).
These are infiltrated by tricking the user with a combination of social engineering tactics, brand
impersonation and phishing methods to successfully retrieve their credentials. Unfortunately, since
most people use the same or similar password combinations for other accounts, these were also
compromised too. It’s a vicious circle. But even if you were to fall foul to these techniques (and everyone
does), having additional security software and a robust BCDR (Business Continuity and Disaster
Recovery) process in place could make all the difference.

5. Legal compliance

The Data Protection Act 2018 (the UK’s implementation of GDPR) stipulates that any data should
be ‘handled in a way that ensures appropriate security, including protection against unlawful or
unauthorised processing, access, loss, destruction or damage.’ Businesses that do not comply could be
faced with hefty fines, risking reputational damage and more. 86% of SMBs feel they cannot adequately
defend themselves against cyber breaches (Ponemon, 2018). Implementing an effective cyber security
strategy, including data backup, can help alleviate that pressure and aid your data compliance.

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